Sheffield portrait 1Daniel Gray
This is Scotland is Daniel Gray’s fifth book. His first solo work, Homage to Caledonia: Scotland and the Spanish Civil War (Luath), was turned into a television series for STV. His second, Stramash: Tackling Scotland’s Towns and Teams (Luath), received widespread acclaim, with The Herald calling it “A brilliant way to rediscover Scotland,” which made getting lost in Cumbernauld while researching the book worthwhile. Gray’s most recent work, Hatters, Railwaymen and Knitters: Travels through England’s Football Provinces, was published by Bloomsbury and, according to The New Statesman is “A delight.” An exiled Yorkshireman, he lives in Leith. @d_gray_writer

moi2 (1)Alan McCredie
Alan McCredie is the photographer behind 100 Weeks of Scotland, a celebrated online project documenting all aspects of Scottish life in the two years before the referendum. It appears weekly via The Scotsman and is published as a book by Luath Press. McCredie has been a freelance photographer for a decade, working with most major agencies in Scotland and beyond. He has specialised in theatre and television but is perhaps best known for his documentary and travel photography. A member of the Document Britain photo collective, he is a Perthshire man lost to Leith. @alanmccredie


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